Volunteer to Help with Positive Imaging against Depression

No man is an island and I certainly will be needing people to help donate their time in the following areas.

1.) To chat online and help others recover and find ways to diminish depression in their lives.

2.) To offer support to anyone that needs one to one help, by writing emails or ecards.

3.) To help gather resources for us about good doctors, hospitals, counselors.

4.) Anyone that can write articles about their own experiences or those of others.

5.) Anyone that can help with, or has experience with hobbies, crafts, ways to use free time.

6.) People that have had some experience in active counseling.

7.) People that have good knowledge and advice of cosmetics, and beautician work.

8.)People that have great ideas for recreation, travel, and daily exercise programs.

Please send me an email if you can be of any help. Thank You!!!

Brief Area of Interest: