.The mirror of dispair and sadness, no light no hope.

Sad thoughts bring no hope!

Notice the two mirrors, you have a choice. To live behind a life of dismal things, or find the life you really want.

Changing the course of being depressed or in a severe depressive state has been my life's work. Having gone through horrific depression and suicide myself, gives me extra tools to help others for over 35 years.

All I simply do is have you refocus your mind and self from what gave you this depressed state, to finding a happier and productive you.

Back in the 80's I found that medication alone was not the cure, as we are still left with the internal issues that harmed us. My method is termed "Positve Imaging", the light at the end of the tunnel". A method I developed and have used on many depressives and bipolars to get back on track. The only conditions I have are that you stay on your doctors plan, and avoid drugs and alcohol.

Before I say anymore, think of this. If I can make you laugh for 10 minutes, those 10 minutes your mind was not on you. You would of forgot that sadness for those ten minutes, or at least been distracted. There are many processes that enable us to change the balance of depression, and change the way you live. My work involves making the adjustments for day to day living. 

Many people today suffer from depression for a variety of reasons, some can be genetic others created by us, and others that are a result of some life trauma event or what I call a trigger.

The mirror of colors and a new life of looking forward to things.

Good feelings makes us want  more out of life!

Depression is a loss of interest in life.

Our drought is no like being without rain to gow and be strong.

Things that have no hope or fresh water will wither.

As a sunflower we absorb more of what we want out of life..

When we want things we grow too. Light offfers hope.

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Contact me by email or through Yahoo messenger if you need help.  If I am offline leave an offline message. I know that many of you are having a tough time, and I have gone through this myself.  Please take the time to reach out as this is one way you can get better and start to feel like livng.  I will never give up on those I help, all I ask you to do is make one small step. Believe that things can change, they did for me and countless others. You are never alone here, and I am finding others that want to help as well, matter of fact many that help here have gone through the same terrible days as you have. Give me one small step, give yourself a chance. Don't look for us to collect any money from you, as its worthless here, we look to help, not to help ourselves. 

All my best wishes to each one of you, you are priceless and special......Steve

Please be patient as I finish each section and add  more areas. 

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