Step One - How the changes start

Where do we begin? Read every Word until you faint.

The best way to start is with a dialogue which can be very frustrating to the beginner as some people will speak more openly than others. Forget all the solid rules, so long as we can talk with others we have a major highway to start changing the depressive factor. Lets lay down the basic ground rules that have to be accepted before anything can be done.

Identify the enemy, which of course is depression itself and determine its character.

Depression is a filthy no good liar.

Depression makes you hate yourself. It makes you feel worthless. It tells you that the more you quit doing things the better off you will be. It will call you ugly and not worth the glance of another human being. Depression is the filthy liar that wants to take over your being. Depression wants you to sleep and avoid love and being happy. Depression is a liar.....

Now we can begin by looking in a mirror, what do you see. I can imagine the reactions....

Let me give you my observations to help you, look into your own eyes. This person need to be loved and cared for, in fact before you read this site you will find I am with each of you. I know what you have suffered in some manner or form. Let me give all of you what I have felt so you can understand me better. No matter where you are, no matter what you feel or think...I personally care about you.  If I told you my brother committed suicide would you not want to comfort me as I do you now. We allow grow close on personally tragedy, never forget it, as I did lose a brother.

Feelings did we lose them when we got depressed? No...they are in you and the reason you will succeed here. Losing hope and dreams we held destroys us inside, but I will introduce a very important element to your happiness. 

One small step.....

While I am writing this, I want each of you to do something you put off. Maybe its a walk around the block, call others, take care of yourself by eating or bathing, maybe its as simple as going inside a store or getting out to a place you enjoy. Every day I am going to ask you and even beg you if necessary to try to change the outcome of your daily routines. I want everyone to begin a daily diary as well. I want you to keep a record of the day. How you felt, what you did, and most of all...plan the next day with more activity. If that means listening to the radio, or watching TV, or going to the library, or getting a magazine or book, or doing a hobby, joining local clubs or organizations, volunteering, get a new class at a trade school or college, train for a new job, or call someone you have put off....Great, now just do it!!!

You are going to find that we are going to break cycles of depression before they start.  We will find ways to enjoy our times, to accept the past and move on. LOOK I HAVE BEEN THERE AND DONE IT, SO HAVE OTHERS. TAKE ONE SMALL STEP TODAY!!!


Destroying depression requires us to change thoughts, patterns, and break old habits that make us feel terrible. LIFE is nothing more than thoughts, so modify them. Dump the bad and get new satisfying ones. Meds are not the total answer. You are.

I went through 2 suicides myself want to challenge me? I also have lived 25 years after them very happily by following these simple rules. The reason I do this is for you...not me. I have heard all the stories, and worked with people that felt terrible. You can get are a dynamite person inside, I know it, but you don't. If you knew me you wouldn't dare speak of yourself in negatives. You would surrender on the spot and listen to simple common sense, you are so valuable, and nothing you have done can cast a poor light on you. Show the world and yourself you are important and needed, and wanted. Yes you are more important than you ever knew. You just forgot how to love yourself, forgive yourself, and believe in those things you tossed away. If all of you knew the hours I put in my free time to save one person. Could you at least spend 1 hour to save yourself.

One person gave me a chance to see light yeras ago, I am giving you a chance to see a million suns.

No hype. Just do it. No fancy wording. No tricks. Just simple damm common sense. I am dedicated to save every person I can. Maybe you will save yourself and save others. Then my joy is in you.

If you find a spelling error, good for you. I have other tasks....saving you. You will see how personal I get, because this war is personal to me. 

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