Step  Two Breaking the Patterns of Depression and Why

The manner we break up depression is by constantly harassing it, rather than it harassing us, sounds crazy right? But the truth is the brain as great as it is has a problem with dealing with two thoughts at the same time. Some of you men will understand right away how a simple problem can kill your sex life. I can get into the theories of psychological  thinking, which is cognitive, behavioral, etc. but here I just want to keep things simple.

When we are depressed we are generally thinking the same crap over and over again like an old record. However we when inject an activity or change the depression is hard pressed to stay in our minds. Before I go further I understand that many of you are carrying issues and problems. We will go into those areas later, right now I want you to find weapons to mess up the depressive thoughts. Re arrange things !!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.) Get out of sight things that make you feel lousy. (pictures, music, etc).

2.) Start changing where you live by decorating, adding new things, or painting the walls. Add some life into your life. Get out to some tag sales or flea markets.

3.) Get some new clothes if you need them, start that diet you know you want, get your hair done, color your hair, get to the gym, buy clothes at a second hand store. Get some new perfume or cologne, get some new jewelry, get new glasses.


4.) Now how about writing me a email of what's been going on with you and start the process of reversing the depression or negatives in your life. I want you to reach out and start telling me what you can't say. I want you to get rid of all those old issues so we can start enabling your mind to see some light. Maybe you can't say it now but you will as you continue. The trick here is that theres nothing in your life you can't overcome. I don't care if you have been abused, or anguished over a loved one, or your lover doesn't love you anymore. You have 2 options to live and stay as you are, or try another way of living. Its nothing more than common sense and changing the vision of your life.

5.) Be honest, so honest it hurts. You think your nose is too big say so. If you think you will never find another mate, say so. If you think you are doomed since birth say so. But prove it.

That's the key, how we lie to ourselves to remedy a fault. Nope not this time.  You have a chance to do and see more in your life than you can believe. I just have to dig you out of that hole. But I won't do it, you will with my help. 

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