Warning Signs / and Depression

The truth is there are always signs out there that can easily show us we are depressed or being a good candidate for one. I prefer to give things in simply.....

1.) We start to withdraw from things we normally like to.

2.) We find life difficult to deal with, simple chores become tasks.

3.) We find we can not be happy.

4.) We start to think of all the bad things we did.

5.) We virtually start hating ourselves, and things we have done.

6.) Guilt is rampant in us, every memory becomes a crush to us.

7.) We find it hard to remember any of the good times.

8.) We withdraw from friends and family.

9.) We start thinking we are worthless and inadequate.

10.) We may even have thoughts of suicide, or running away.

This is just a primer of thoughts for people that undergo depressive feelings

The good news is there are meds out there to help but most important is to find out why you feel as you do, and change the path of depression from hurting you. Here I must ask you to take a chance and get better. I want each of you to live better and happily.  Now that you have read some of the signs. I want each of you to consider a few points.

1.) Our entire lives are really nothing more than thoughts (electronic messages).

2.) Thinking can be controlled by our desires. Case in point, we can virtually eat a meal before actually doing so.  Maybe the smell of a bbq or the aroma of a good meal can stimulate us. Ever miss anyone? When you see them you feel so different. All thoughts!

3.) Ok you ask, where are you going with this. We can change the thoughts that pass through us by using stimulated thoughts which I will go into more detail.

When I went through depression the meds didn't work, and there was no active therapy. I was so bad off I tried twice to commit suicide. How did I get better for such a long time over 25 years? I started seeing a good pattern to destroy depression in its tracks, by using my mind rather than losing it.

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