About me

First off I am not a doctor, although I have studied mental illness at length for some time. I also have worked in outpatient units, and have been active with counseling others relative to my own past. I consider myself to be very average in many things and had become very successful in business until my life was smashed with bipolar disorder. 

I was hospitalized so many times during my 20's on up, I soon felt I would never know a home again. People today that are depressed will understand that I was not only depressed but I was also locked up like an animal. Yes doors locked, bars on windows, no phone calls, no cards or letters, so you can bet I know how you feel. Above all the feelings I had about being depressed, was the feeling of failure and doom.

After being mistreated with medicines and being used as a guinea pig, something strong grew in me which is what I will try to convey to help you. This same method is being used all over the world with people I work with as a volunteer. So many have improved I sometimes am so elated, I virtually feel the healing. These methods are to be used forever and they are common sense, and not hard to use.

I have seen it all in terms of depression, there are those that have the 2000 mile stare, others that feel so helpless. The chances of feeling and getting better depend on your beliefs, and your ability to trust and be open with others.  Depression can grow from anywhere, abuse, incest, guilt, divorces, etc. We the survivors have to survive.

For the past 5 years I have been using my methods with others and have found a very high rate of success. Although I will admit there are some that will always be resistant to change. The classic case I see runs in about 60-90 days. I have seen dramatic changes after even just a few weeks. The real major issue is how bad a person desires to leave depression. Some in fact may use it as a crutch. I just can't be judgmental by case, its their decision.

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